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10 years ... 10 reasons to choose TENSAI- manufacturer of cold equipment for domestic & commercial use! OEM / ODM and PRIVATE LABEL!
THE MOST EFFICIENT CHEST FREEZER ON THE MARKET A +++. Some of the reasons that make this product a sales success! HORIZONTAL CHEST FREEZER!
The most efficient chest freezer on the market and the milestone of 3427011 produced units by TENSAI INDUSTRIA. 10th anniversary.
Inverter is a technology that controls the speed of the compressor allowing the equipment to consume less energy.
On September 18, 2020, TENSAI's industrial unit (located in Estarreja) celebrates 10 years since its inauguration in 2010. Check our opening television video on RTP1 back in 2010.
"Tensai conquers cold equipment deals that belonged to China and hires 40 new employees!”
Our MPL showcase mural - professional range. It perfectly incorporates our marketing and digital printing solutions for the namedsport brand.
How to get the best refrigeration equipment's for commercial use? Cabinets; Refrigerated Counter; Multideck; Display Case; Low; Cabinets; Bottle Cooler; Chest Freezer; Dual Temperature (conservation and freezing); Wine Cabinets;
Looking for an OEM or PRIVATE LABEL partner? We are both! TENSAI - refrigeration equipment for domestic and commercial use! - 35.000 mt2 industrial complex; Competitive Delivery Time: OEM projects development (standard time: 2 to 4 weeks) and after project delivery time: standard 1 week;
From March 1, 2021, domestic refrigeration appliances will present a new energy class label with a scale from A (more efficient) to G (less efficient) to replace the current one from A +++ to D, with the aim of helping consumers to identify the most efficient products easier.
The Wind Frost System® technology is a patented solution developed by TENSAI, designed to increase freezing capacity of the appliances through a designed ventilation system, canalizing and distributing the cold air flow harmoniously inside your equipment. This guarantees that temperature distribution is homogenous and suitable at every moment.

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