Dear All,

Imbued in a spirit of a stronger, sustainable and social responsible company that we are today, it is with my most profound sense of gratitude that I address you a few words!
Therefore, my first and inner thought is naturally (…) thank you!

As I look back to what we have achieved, and ahead to what comes next, I see ourselves in the midst of an exciting transformation for a better future. In fact, it is an opportunity and a challenge at the same time, for TENSAI to keep moving forward in the best spirit of our purpose and tenacity as a company: improving and touching lives, improving business…shaping the future along with those who make part of our daily activity and success!

My mission, along the years, has been to extend this trajectory into the future of TENSAI and turn it into a leading and global company. Challenges have been a part of our journey, but also a way to build character and push ourselves to be and do better. As a trusted partner we aim to bring know-how, technology and sustainable solutions in a very responsive way to our stakeholders.

That is why I would like to emphasize my acknowledgment and special thanks to our incredible people, clients, partners, suppliers, around the world for their hard work and commitment to living our purpose in a culture of shared success and trust!

I will end by saluting and extolling your endless effort, trust, resoluteness and management, which have contributed to the resilient and recognized organization we are today (…) strengthening the bond between all of you and our business in a symbiotic and mutually advantageous relationship.