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WIND FROST SYSTEM – National Invention Patent

The Wind Frost System® technology is a patented solution developed by TENSAI, designed to increase freezing capacity of the appliances through a designed ventilation system, canalizing and distributing the cold air flow harmoniously inside your equipment. This guarantees that temperature distribution is homogenous and suitable at every moment.


The method of forced circulation of chilled air allows air to circulate inside an horizontal freezer in order to increase its freezing capacity, making homogeneous the temperatures of the air and the food inside of it, without increasing energy consumption.

On the other hand, the present invention, increases the freezer capacity in more than 25%, allowing the same amount of food to be frozen in less time, optimizing freezer energy efficiency. The energy gain due to the increase in freezing capacity factor compensates the increase in energy consumption caused by the axial motor of the door fan, since that for an equal amount of food, 25% less of freezing time is required.

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– As cold air is better distributed, cooling or freezing of your food items becomes faster!

– Conditions inside your appliance are homogenized, reducing local differences, and guaranteeing ideal preservation temperature in all points of your fridge or freezer. This happens either if your appliance is almost empty or full!

– Air circulation provided by WFS® removes undesirable ice formation in your freezer, and specially in your products surfaces, guaranteeing durable freshness of food items!

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