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Paulo Vilela, the “Maestro” of TENSAI’s anti-shock platform!

Paulo Vilela, the “Maestro” of the new TENSAI’s anti-shock platform!

Project Designer, Paulo Vilela has been collaborating with TENSAI for over than 12 years and he is the main driver in the development of the new anti-shock platform used in our ice cream savers (recent protagonist in TENSAI’s CRASH TEST video).

His passion for drawing and DIY, which he learned early on, helped him to put things in perspective and develop a clinical eye for detail. “It is the smallest details that make the difference … and what seems obvious is not always part of the problem or the solution”, says Paulo Vilela.

Its close relationship and daily monitoring of the assembly line and inherent processes, allowed him to develop a keen sense of detail in our products. In particular, for the development of this new platform, the question was simple: “an equipment for commercial use must have a higher resistance level “.


The result was the development of a new anti-shock platform, subject to the most diverse tests (robustness, impact, resistance, quality …), from its conception to its commercialization. Such assertiveness and commitment allows us to proudly affirm the following result: 0 complaints from our clients.


The main challenge was to develop an anti-shock platform for the current ice cream saver model without making a significant change to its manufacturing process. The “Maestro” therefore had to consider the implications in terms of assembly without interfering with the design or volume of the current product! The logic was simple, the current product has a level of superior quality, but Paulo wanted to go further. The current tests of impact resistance are made with a height that are 15cm to the ground. At TENSAI, we raise the challenge to 100cm on the ground. (watch CRASH TEST vídeo).


From such dedication, this new anti-shock platform is a natural outcome of a R&D and quality department seeking to present products at the highest level of design, resulting in this particular case in:


– increased mechanical resistance in impact situations;

– significant improvement in shock absorption capacity;

– reduced vibration and consequent reduction of the noise level of our equipment;

– protection of the remaining equipment components (e.g. compressor, motor fan, internal condenser, etc… ) ensuring full operation of the device in the most adverse or demanding situations;

– structural protection of the equipment (e.g. intact glass doors, intact chassis, external body of the equipment, etc…);

– protection of the equipment contents.


Paulo Vilela, has already a large number of contributions that allowed significant improvements in our products and consequently the satisfaction of those who collaborate with us.


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