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PROFESSIONAL CATALOGUE – refrigeration equipment’s

How to get the best refrigeration equipment’s for commercial use?

Get our Full Professional Catalogue with refrigeration solutions now! Incredible selected products made by Tensai Indústria, SA – OEM /ODM /PRIVATE LABEL.

Check it out!

Cabinets; Refrigerated Counter; Multideck; Display Case; Low; Cabinets; Bottle Cooler; Chest Freezer; Dual Temperature (conservation and freezing); Wine Cabinets; – for bakery /pastry /grocery shops /professional kitchens / chocolate / ice-cream /snack and much more!

ASK NOW for your catalogue at tensai@tensai.pt

Visit our website at: https://www.tensai.pt/en/commercial-cabinets-showcases-ice-cream-savers/


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