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What does inverter technology means? Refrigeration equipments by TENSAI!

With high environmental concern, Inverter is a technology that controls the speed of the compressor allowing the equipment to consume less energy.


The variable speed compressor used in the inverter technology allows to quickly reach the desired temperature, stabilizing the operation at that same temperature. The compressor also adjusts its speed, optimizing working times and number of starts.

TENSAI refrigeration equipment with inverter solution is able to reach the desired temperature quicker than conventional appliances, presenting a lower consumption.

The fixed speed compressor can have sudden oscillations during operation (which will result in a high number of starts to stabilize the temperature). This can lead to higher energy consumption. Likewise, these compressors are generally noisier than those of variable speed (Inverter Technology).

The adaptation of the compressor to the different conditions to which the equipment is subjected, allows its working time to be more harmonious, avoiding malfunctioning and the inherent formation of excessive ice, thus allowing better food preservation.


The compressors with inverter technology used by TENSAI have a high degree of robustness, and their optimized operation guarantees the health of the entire cold circuit, allowing greater equipment longevity!


TENSAI – chest freezer – inverter – thermal insulation – energy efficiency



– Reducing the ecological footprint

– Higher energy efficiency

– Better food preservation

– Less wear of the equipment

– Silence equipment

– Electricity bill reduction /costs reductions


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