Tensai Indústria, S.A. is a major European home appliances producer. Since 1989, Tensai start a business growing on the global market that is by today 90% of the company turnover.
We are a trustable and innovative partner, with vast range of solutions in Comercial and Home Appliances of great performance and energy efficiency.
We are a European company playing in Global market.


We aim to be market leader, supported in R&D, Efficiency, Flexibility and costumer care.


Offer service and products with high quality and efficiency, according costumer expectations.


Distinguishing factors:
– Service and Product with high quality;
– Flexible production and fast delivery time;
– Fast delivery time;
– Adaptability to the different demands of each market.

These are the skills that place us in over 70 countries, spread over 5 continents.


Aiming to reduce the ecological footprint impact, Tensai invested 1.200.000€ in renewable energy, reducing 35% the energy consumption.

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